Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yet Another Character/Piece of Fanart

Alright, who here knows about Invader Zim? Again made by the incredibly talented Jhonen Vasquez. It was a television show a few years back, and got canceled recently. Well, the main character is of an alien race known as Irkens. The above picture is an Irken version of one of my characters, Chimere. (Chimere is a 17-year-old female version of Cthulhu. More on her later.)

Invader Zim and Irkens are copyright to their respective owners.
Art by yours truly.
Cthulhu is copyright to whoever owns the Lovecraft Mythos currently.

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  1. Hi Wolva this is naomi, dont mind me, im just stalking your blog and stuff because you told me to soo yeah :) nice picture :))) now i kinda know what you talk about on everyday but you still dont know what i talk about so here ya go if you want your mind to be destroyed forever and ever and if you want to see pictures of the same 2 people 1000000 times :)