Monday, May 23, 2011

Huzza For Stress!

Today in chorus, one of my best friends I have known almost my entire life almost passed out on the risers. Yes, you read that right. Almost passed out.
What really gets me about this whole thing is that nobody but me helped her when she fell. Nobody! The teacher had to deal with two boys who were causing a huge distraction, and didn't notice until my friend and I called out to her.

I have a very strong emotional connection to all of my close friends and family, and I have two reactions when they get sick or are hurt. One is to stay with them until they feel like they can deal with the world as a functioning human being, or, if I am not able to stay with them, I get extraordinarily tense to the point where I feel like I need to rip someone's arms out of their sockets to relieve the stress. I wasn't able to stay with her today, and was forced to use the second reaction, but couldn't find a way to relieve the stress, so I've just bottled it up for release later. Absolutely crappy day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Character Time!

Owing to the two drawings I have posted (Among other things.), I have been told that more information about the characters is needed. Look no farther. Today, I give to you..... character backgrounds! *insert cheering here*


This is the furry demon-thing you saw in the last post. Wolva is my main character, and is the most commonly used. She (Yes, Wolva is female.) is a fan-character from the Marvel Universe.

Creation Backstory
I created Wolva shortly after first learning about the X-Men via the first X-Men movie. I really enjoyed the character of Wolverine, and decided to create something like that. As a result, Wolva has always possessed foot-long claws that extend between her knuckles, animal-keen senses, and the ability to heal body tissue at a superhuman rate.

Originally, she looked like a female version of her 'parent character'. Now, as shown by the drawing, she looks more like an anthropomorphic wolverine or wolf. As for body structure, that picture of her is very misleading. Normally, she has the body build of, well, a female Wolverine. To draw that picture the way I wished it to look, I attempted to imitate the style of Jhonen Vasquez, whose characters are thin to the point of being stick figures.

Wolva's Personality and Stuffs
For starters, Wolva is usually a mutant in the Marvel Universe. She is Canadian, and has a personal grudge against Justin Bieber. In terms of her personality, she has a very dark sense of humor, is quite cynical, and has definite ideas of how the world should work. She is not the most social of people/mutants, and is more than happy to be left alone. She has a very short temper, and it doesn't take much to bring her into the depths of a feral rage. Once in that rage, it's very hard to calm her down, if you manage to get close enough.....

Wolva's past is a very uncertain thing. Every version of Wolva has a unique past (She appears in several universes as various...things.), and this is usually complicated by the fact that most of Wolva's memories are missing. The reasoning for this changes from storyline to storyline, but the most common reason is that she had a run-in with a secret organization in her past that removed her memories and preformed various experiments on her. This experimentation is part of the reasons for her anger issues, and a few other things.

If you have any more questions about her, or if you want me to post some of the stories concerning Wolva and her various issues, comment something to that effect.

Johnny C. , a.k.a. Nny

Johnny C., commonly called 'Nny', is the main character of a graphic novel called 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac'. If you can't tell from the title of the graphic novel what one of his issues is, then I cannot help you.

Nny (Pronounced 'Knee', for those of you that care.) is an insane thrill-killer who elaborately slaughters people who annoy or insult him. The blood of these victims he uses to feed a Wall in one of the many levels of his basement. This Wall is containing a creature made of pure negativity, and is commonly called the Moose. (The Moose resembles a shoggoth on steroids, for those that really want to know these things.) Nny has four headvoices, three before he dies and one after dying. The three prior to being killed went by the names of Nail-Bunny, Mr. Eff (same as Mr. Fuck), and Psycho-Doughboy. The one that appeared after he returned from Heaven and Hell is called Reverend Meat.

Not much is actually known about Nny's past, as Jhonen Vasquez showed no interest in giving him a full backstory. Speculations usually run along the lines that Nny was once an artist before being possessed by the Doughboys and fun stuff like that. More information on Nny and his 'friends' is available at Wikipedia, or by asking me to email you.

Johnny and 'friends' are copyright to Jhonen Vasquez

As for why I like these two characters, here goes nothing.
Wolva's personality is actually quite close to my own. She is my personal stress reliever, as well, and I occasionally use her to commit acts of violence I cannot.
Nny, Nny is a completely different story. I like him because, in a way, I admire him. He isn't constricted by much in the way of rules, and knows exactly what the limits of the human mind are, and pushes them constantly.

I draw them because I really like their characters, and they are actually very natural for me when I'm in the right mood to draw someone who can and will, if provoked, kill you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Fanart!

Yup, more fanart from yours truly. This time, it's my character Wolva, combined with Nny from JTHM.
Wolva is copyright to moi.
Nny and JTHM are copyright to Jhonen Vasquez.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Times

Think of your definition of a good day. Got it? How do those days start?For me, it can be as simple as listening to the right music.

Yesterday was an amazing day, but I didn't think it would be. I missed the bus, and the weather couldn't decide whether or not to rain. I thought it was going to be one of those crappy days where you just can't get happy, and nothing goes right.

When I get to school about 20 minutes early, I was prepared for crappy music to be blasting from the speakers in the gym, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear 'Crazy Train' by Ozzy Osbourne being played. I sat down and read H. P. Lovecraft to the sounds of 'Help' by the Beatles, 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It' by R.E.M., and things of that ilk. A good way to start a morning.

Fast forward a few hours to the period of lunch, when it actually got through my head that it was May 17th. For those of you I hadn't told, that was the day that my new graphic novel was due to arrive. The novel? JTHM: Director's Cut. This put me in hyper-fangirl mode, which is always accompanied by happiness.

I get home to a dog who's bouncy and easily excited, and to large packages in front of the door. Due to the fact that it's the 17th, I am now just as bouncy as Georgia Rose, which confuses her to no end. Dad comes home from Rochester, and we open the boxes together. To my extreme disappointment, none of them contain my novel. I prepare to wait another day, and begin to walk off to my room when my dad asks what size package JTHM: Director's Cut could be in. Confused, I turn around, and he hands me a notebook-sized package. I squealed with fan-girlish delight, and practically tore the package open to reveal the book I had been dreaming about all week. At this point, I was giggling insanely, and dashed up to my room. For the next five hours, I was laughing hysterically at things that I probably shouldn't have laughed at...

Are you thinking this day cannot possibly get better for me? It can, believe me, it can..... That night, over great pizza with sausage, artichoke hearts and feta, we watched Grosse Pointe Blank. Yes, I watched a movie about a professional killer after reading a graphic novel about a homicidal maniac. So sue me. It had a great soundtrack, too! There were only two or three songs I didn't know.

Just a word to the wise, though. Don't read Edgar Allen Poe, H. P. Lovecraft and JTHM before you attempt to sleep. If you manage it, you will have really odd dreams.....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How To Follow This Blog

For those of you who are not using an RSS feed to read this blog, I encourage you to sign up for the email notification (to the right). This will enable you to hear about my latest goings on without having to come back to the blog and find nothing new. So, that said, please come back tomorrow, to catch the latest installment of .... something or other. See you then.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Back....

All of this weekend, my stepdad was in Boston for a Morris dancing thing. Last night he came home at 9:30 pm to a house that smelled like rice pudding. All seemed well. Mom was relaxed, I had rice pudding and new comics. Nothing seemed wrong.

Fast forward an hour to 10:30 pm, where I am almost asleep. Suddenly, Mom's screaming split the quiet of the house. For the next 15-20 minutes, she's screaming the same thing, almost incoherently, while pacing up and down the house. She was screaming about how she didn't feel human, and that my stepdad didn't listen to her. Eventually, she quieted down, and I managed to sleep.

For those of you not familiar with my mother, these kinds of episodes are, unfortunately, all too common. They range from stuff like this to throwing dangerous objects like frying pans and pots of boiling water. She will even do this outside of the home, like she did at a hockey parent-coach night where she yelled at the board of directors about something completely irrelevant. This is the crap that makes me want to leave her house. Permanently.

On a positive note, she's getting over of technological stalkers enough to consider buying me..... a netbook! *cue the crickets here* Yes, really. She's actually deciding that I'm old enough for her to consider letting me have more technological responsibility in my life, and that I won't get eaten by stalkers who will pull me through the computer screen. Notice that she's deciding this now. Never mind the fact that I've been saying this for, oh, a few years now! Even now, I'm typing this on a computer that she limits the time on. Yep.

Ah, Mom.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I realized a few things about myself this week, and what a week it has been.

Last night, it was that I felt that I had been going through life as a complete and total fraud. I seem to be drifting through life, absorbing everything without really knowing why. Owing to this odd little thing, I feel like I'm not really qualified to stand up there, with my voice ringing out above my classmate's heads, speaking of things unusual for someone of my age. I've had this feeling for a while now, in school and in other places. It made me question what other worries I might have, squirreled away in the twisted tunnels of my subconscious.

It cannot be avoided any longer. I can't keep hiding the truth. I'm, well...... *insert awkward pause here* a fangirl. There. I said it. Are you all happy now? Oh, stop clapping.
I know that plenty of you probably have figured this out for some of the more obvious things, like Wolverine and Cthulhu. But who, out of all of you, would have expected my growing fangirlishness over the same character I drew and put in the last post? I didn't, but here I am, looking on Amazon for comics.

Like I said earlier, this was a long and interesting week, full of completely unexpected little things. This is your newly-discovered fangirl, signing off.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun Drawings

This, for those of you who don't know, is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. He was created by the same person who created Invader Zim, the one and only Jhonen Vasquez.
This is fanart of Nny holding one of Cthulhu's underlings, named 'Fluffy'.

Not Cthulhu, But Close Enough


Today, today is a green-grey
Day, rare in its own regard.
Today, ah yes, today,
The stars are almost right.

The time has come, some
Walrus said, and how he spoke the
Truth. Dictators fall 'round the world,
And one trembles here, at home.

The stars are almost right again,
And things long hidden will
Live. Courage strides across the mind, while
Freedom flickers bright.

The stars are almost right again,
The stars are almost right.