Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Poetry


You are on all fours.
You are crawling along the desert pavement, clawing at rocks and stones.
You don't even notice the water beneath your hands.

You are only human.
You ignore salvation, and grasp destruction to your breast.
You push away the new, clinging to the teat of the known.
You don't care about the poison lying there.

You admit to insanity, and call yourself crazy.
You say you need to change.
You have no idea how right you are.

You are tearing at your skin.
You have demons chewing in your mind, and you want them gone.
You, like the rest of your kind, are self-destructing.


  1. Wow, dark! I love it. Have you played much with line breaks much before? I think you could do some interesting stuff with them here.

  2. Thank you, Dana! I've been in a dark mood lately, and I decided to run with some of the ideas I had.
    As to line breaks, I've played with it to a degree and the breaks just seem to flow when I have decided to work in that level of writing.