Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shadowing Day

Today was 'Bring Your Child To Work' day across the nation, but it meant that my graduating class got to go into the workplace of a person whose career we were interested in. I had chosen to follow Mr. Bonnet for today, and it was absolutely incredible!

Some of the highlights of the day:
  • Watching fetal pig dissections
  • Joining discussions in Brain & Senses
  • Sitting in on APES (AP Environmental Sciences, I do believe)
  • Watching Mr. Bonnet work in the ceramics studio at 1st period
And last but not least...
  • Made myself useful by... Cleaning fishtanks!
No, really. I cleaned fishtanks for another teacher during the double period of pig dissections.


No new stuffs to show you all for tonight.


  1. A suggestion.... when considering anonymity, give some thought to giving the folks in your life pseudonyms... Mr Bonnet for instance could be Mr. Chapeau. Just a thought so that you arent drawing too much attention where it isnt warranted.

  2. Pardon my l'imparfait fran├žais. It's been a while dood. And the worst part it, I was never very good. Learning French in a Cuban culture is not recommended.