Friday, May 20, 2011

New Fanart!

Yup, more fanart from yours truly. This time, it's my character Wolva, combined with Nny from JTHM.
Wolva is copyright to moi.
Nny and JTHM are copyright to Jhonen Vasquez.


  1. Okay, now I think I need more back story on this character. Tell us more about Nny and JTHM and Wolva. Who are they and why do you like them? Why should we care? Flesh it out.

  2. Oh jeez. You're asking for a backstory on Wolva? I can try...
    For Nny and the rest of JTHM, what do you want to know?
    All other questions will be answered in the next post.

  3. Tell me all about them; who are they, where do they come from, why are you drawing them, how have they evolved, some kind of storyline.

  4. Oh joy. Watch for a new post with this information. I should have it up within a day or so.

  5. Hey Wolva, A hint on making your drawings pop:
    If you have a program for editing photos, try runnung the drawing through it and darken the drawing by usin "less exposure" On mine, I can darken or lighten it to my taste by using that function. I treat my drawings as jpgs, and it works just fine!