Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Back....

All of this weekend, my stepdad was in Boston for a Morris dancing thing. Last night he came home at 9:30 pm to a house that smelled like rice pudding. All seemed well. Mom was relaxed, I had rice pudding and new comics. Nothing seemed wrong.

Fast forward an hour to 10:30 pm, where I am almost asleep. Suddenly, Mom's screaming split the quiet of the house. For the next 15-20 minutes, she's screaming the same thing, almost incoherently, while pacing up and down the house. She was screaming about how she didn't feel human, and that my stepdad didn't listen to her. Eventually, she quieted down, and I managed to sleep.

For those of you not familiar with my mother, these kinds of episodes are, unfortunately, all too common. They range from stuff like this to throwing dangerous objects like frying pans and pots of boiling water. She will even do this outside of the home, like she did at a hockey parent-coach night where she yelled at the board of directors about something completely irrelevant. This is the crap that makes me want to leave her house. Permanently.

On a positive note, she's getting over of technological stalkers enough to consider buying me..... a netbook! *cue the crickets here* Yes, really. She's actually deciding that I'm old enough for her to consider letting me have more technological responsibility in my life, and that I won't get eaten by stalkers who will pull me through the computer screen. Notice that she's deciding this now. Never mind the fact that I've been saying this for, oh, a few years now! Even now, I'm typing this on a computer that she limits the time on. Yep.

Ah, Mom.

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